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Exam Management

Genius School ERP to achieve management simplicity.

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Exam Management through Skugal

Manage examinations, generate admit cards, automatic marks entry, provide timetable. Do it all online straight from your Skugal ERP.

Exam Management is a major task and one that needs time, precision and constant efforts by multiple people from school management so that it can be completed properly.

With Skugal, the whole process of exam management gets way easier than it has been. Skugal lets you manage every aspect of exam management right from the Skugal Dashboard. You can create schedule examinations, create time table and generate admit cards for students. Not only that, you can add custom examinations that are specifically by your school such as unit tests or aptitude exams.

Also, probably the toughest aspect of exams for the school, is manual marks entry obtained by the students and generating their result. Skugal automatically enters marks of students, calculates grades and aggregate score to create exam result of all the students in your school.

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