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Customized Certificates

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Customized Certificates For Your School

School certificates are customized to give a personal touch and look exactly how you want them to.

Merit certificates hold a special place in the heart of any student. It signifies their hard work and talent and recognizes it. It’s a moment for them to be proud of. Not just students but their parents as well.

What makes merit certificate special is that they’re unique. They have a student’s name, their accomplishment but not just that, they have a unique design that is specifically of that school, the school’s name in bold capital letters and the logo of the school.

Skugal gives your school’s merit certificates    These days, we have many educational institutions that are spread throughout the country and have multiple schools or colleges within a state and even a city.
Skugal has created this feature to make it easier for such organizations to distribute workload and make it easier to manage the multiple schools

exactly that. It lets you customize your school’s merit certificate and choose from a variety of templates that suite you best. And creating a certificate is simple enough.

All you have to do is pick a student, enter the field they participated in and their accomplishment and the certificate is ready to print.

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