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iPayment module in school ERP system, things can become so easy using less of human labour and more of technology.

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Running a huge educational institution like school or college is in itself a huge task especially management and keeping a track of finances needs a separate department in schools and colleges.But with the iPay module in school management software, things can become so easy using less of human labour and more of technology.

The iPay app by the cloud based ERP software has a lot of functions which would be discussed below:

  • The iPay app of the school management software helps in keeping a tab on the fees paid by each student every month without any error. This helps the school for an efficient management of the finances.
  • The iPay app also helps in sending SMS to parents reminding them of their child’s fee due dates, aiding the school authorities to keep a check through computer.
  • Gone are the days when parents had to stand in long queues for fee payment of their kids. Through the iPay facility of cloud based ERP software, parents can easily transfer money to the school through just a single click from their account to the school’s iPay account. This also helps in hassle free payment, reliving both parents and school authorities from the problem of handling huge amount of cash money.
  • iPay also helps in collection of fine from students if required without any hassle aiding the school authorities an easy financial management.
  • iPay shows both parents and school authorities the concession fee amount from students on just a screen without carrying loads of papers.
  • iPay as written earlier, reminds the students and parents for their fees and saves a lot of paper work like fee receipt and bills. Everything is shown on the student’s profile day, date, month and year wise.
  • iPay shows the parents and school authorities the list of any fee cancelled or the provision of less fee to siblings through the student’s profile in iPay module, helping the school management also to verify for each student without human error.
  • Through iPay module, an invoice message also can be generated , apart from the SMS system reminders for scheduled fee payment.
  • The iPay of school management software also helps in transferring the stipulated monthly salary to the school’s working staff like teachers, helpers, lab assistants, office staff etc. on time to their own respective accounts, free of hassles.
  • Through iPay, hostel and transportation fee of the students can be included in the academic fee of student without creating separate fee receipts, aiding the parents and school authorities less hassle.
  • iPay shows details of bounced cheques if any to the parents on the portal of the student, helping parents to take an immediate action on it.
  • All the miscellaneous fee collection can be done through iPay cloud based ERP software on a single click.
  • The fee collection can be done in a single click and step through the online payment gateway module on the iPay.
  • Paying through iPay is also extremely safe and secure for both parents and school authorities.
  • Therefore, to conclude, the iPay module is extremely useful for the various reasons listed above and money is safely sent through the optimum use of technology, using less of human labour work especially for schools where the infrastructure is small or the school doesn’t have enough resources to pay their working staff. It also helps in efficiently managing the school with full transparency between the school authorities and the parents.

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